Welcome to Premier Sitemix, providing onsite batching solutions throughout the UK and Ireland

The benefits to an onsite batching plant include:

  • Fully BSI Certified Plants with Automation systems

  • Easier quality control and stock management

  • Full history and log of each and every load

  • Uninterrupted, dedicated supply to your project

  • Flexibility of hours with our staff, guaranteed to finish the pour no matter the time

  • Fresh concrete for the pour that has not had to travel and subject to traffic hold ups etc.

  • Reduced traffic into site (aggregate and powder deliveries can be made after hours)

  • Easy communication with plant to make mix design changes, order modifications, quality control procedures etc.

  • Possibility to supply other areas of the site if required

  • Pours completed in a shorter time ensuring easier concrete finishing for the client and less man hours resulting in a superior product as well as a more positive working environment

  • Changes could be made to orders, start times, quantities etc. at any time prior to the pour even after hours as clients have direct contact with Premier Sitemix Staff

  • Balance loads can be ordered and delivered on the spot meaning no over ordering and reducing waste concrete

  • No issues of waiting time charges, trucks queueing to offload, onsite traffic issues etc. to worry about

Interested in buying a concrete batching plant?

Please visit our sister company OB Plant