Our Plants

For both short & long term projects, we have designed a range of plants that require minimal site preparation while still achieving a large volume output. We can easily move our plants to any part of the country and have them operational in a few days. We provide experienced, fully trained staff to operate the plant and monitor quality control.

Our range of plants gives us the flexibility to serve a range of projects, with short lead times. We can offer a wide range of dry and wet batch production units with capacities from 30 to 120 cubic metres per hour.

The Microbatch

Ideal for when smaller outputs are required and space is limited. These highly mobile plants can be up and running in a day and do not require any major foundation work prior to installation.

The Raptor Range

Available in both wet and dry configurations this plant is ideal for mid to large scale pours where daily quantities of up to 400 metres are required. These plants are fully automated and can produce up to 55 cubic metres per hour.

The Perfekt Range

Ideal for large scale projects which demand a high volume and high output. These mobile plants are again available in both wet and dry configuration and are capable of producing up to 90 cubic metres per hour.

Mobile Recyclers

We at Premier Sitemix are ever conscious of reducing our impact on the environment when carrying out our work. Therefore, we have in our range, highly mobile concrete recycling plants to deal with both concrete washout and waste concrete on the site reducing the risk of any environmental contamination as well as keeping the jobsite clean from waste materials.